Bruce Lee
Clearly as a martial art fanatic Bruce Lee has to top my hero list. He dedicated his life to creating and developing a system that incorporated aspects of many martial arts systems into a free flowing, non-confirmative martial art known as Jeet Kune Do, ‘the way of the intercepting fist’. 
This allows students across the globe to interpret Jeet Kune Do in their own way, as it is not tied up with rules. Also his dedication to training is an inspiration to us all! Just look at his physique!

Muhammed Ali
Like any other boxer, Muhammad Ali is a huge inspiration, his dedication to training, his performances in the boxing ring, the way he revolutionized boxing, became the first 3 time world heavy weight champion and his second to none charisma has safely ensured his name in the history books. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The finest bodybuilder of all time. Once in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the perfect male physic. 
He changed the way bodybuilders trained, ate and thought. 
He incorporated ballet into his routine, unheard of at the time. 
He realised that bodybuilding isn't as simple as being as big as possible, it is more of a science, correct nutrition at certain times, enough rest and revolutionary training techniques. 

Jessica Ennis
Our Olympic champion, winning many gold’s in multi-event disciplines. She has many world titles, often by beating the previous world record. 
Ever passionate and dedicated to her sport. She also promotes athletics and healthy living to children. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr
Surrounded by controversy, no one can deny the incredible natural ability of this true champion. His work ethic in the gym is second to none. 
His total dedication of his life to boxing is inspirational. 

Jack LaLane
Unknown to many, but revolutionized the fitness industry and proved that with dedication and knowledge the human body can perform incredible feats of strength and fitness. 
He broke MANY world records.
Age 40:     Swam the length of the Golden Gate Bridge underwater with 64kg of equipment a distance of 2737 metres.
Age 41:     Swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf handcuffed.
Age 42:     Set a world record of 1033 push ups in 23 minutes.
Age 43:     Swam the Golden Gate Tunnel whilst towing a 2500lbs cabin cruiser, a distance of 6.5 miles.
Age 44:     Manoeuvred a paddle board nonstop for 30 miles to San Francisco.
Age 45:     Completed 100 jumping jacks and 1000 chin ups in 1 hour 22 minutes.
Age 60:     For the second time swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf, this time handcuffed and towing a 450kg boat.
Age 61:     Once again swam the Golden Gate Bridge, underwater and handcuffed, this time towing a 450kg boat.
Age 62:     He swam one mile whilst handcuffed and towing 13 boats containing 76 people.
Age 65:     Towed 65 boats in Japan, handcuffed and shackled, the boats were carrying 2900kg of wood.
Age 66:     In less than one hour he towed 10 boats carrying 76 people.
Age 70:     Fighting strong winds and currents, he towed 70 rowing boats with several people on board one mile, whilst handcuffed and shackled.