Rob is a fully qualified and insured Personal Trainer, Sports Masseuse, Boxing Coach and Self Defence Instructor. Rob also offers Muay Thai training. 

Robs passion for Boxing and Martial Arts has helped him to learn over the years how to keep fighting fit, increase strength and power, train functionally and stick to his ideal weight. 
All of which he is passionate about passing his knowledge and experience onto his clients to help them achieve their goals, no matter what they may be.

Rob doesn’t use the attitude ‘one size fits all rule’ when it comes to his clients, he listens to what his clients require from him, and strives to achieve this.
Rob has dedicated his adult life to fitness, having over a decade of competitive Martial Arts and Boxing experience and Royal Marine Training.

He is always keeping up to date with the new latest training styles and techniques to ensure that his clients are always getting the most out of their workouts and Boxing training.
Though Rob is determined to ensure all his clients reach and maintain their goals, he is also keen to create an environment in which training is not a chore, this way his clients look forward to training and their confidence grows.

REPs Membership number: R0101898